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"Redevelopment brings jobs and the tax revenue boost needed to fund vital city services, especially during hard times. The 3 new venues on K Street are amazing and generating a life and energy on K Street that has not been seen in years."
—Bay Miry, D&S Development

"K Street is finally ROCKING! And it is because of you. Thank you for your commitment to Sacramento. Your investment will pay dividends for the culture and the economy of our entire downtown. Appreciate all you do to make downtown grow and succeed."
—Kevin Johnson, Mayor

"Initially, I was not in favor of the District/Pizza/Dive project. I have quickly come to see its numerous benefits to the JKL district. Suddenly, we have life, foot traffic and marketing dollars being spent in the area. Our new neighbors efforts and marketing skills have provided us with our best January sales to date. We are in the process of extending our hours, hiring more employees and gearing up our offerings. Without this injection of life from their project, none of these benefits to us would be possible."
—Dale & Sheena, Owners of Parlare Euro Lounge

"Since the opening of the new venues on K Street, both Social Nightclub and Cosmo Café have seen a significant increase in sales and traffic. I truly appreciate the non-stop efforts of George Karpaty in marketing the new K Street."
—Randy Paragary, Paragary Restaurant Group

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful person and business neighbor you are. Your vision for downtown Sacramento nighttime entertainment has been exciting to watch come to life. Ambrosia Cafe is so happy about your success that I am finally going to achieve my dream of opening a late night dessert bar in March - I am only able to do this due to the additional foot traffic on K Street because of your new venues. Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity bringing us a wonderful new restaurant and exciting new evening recreational options."
—Pat Murakami, Ambrosia’s Fine Food

"We have supported the development of Downtown Sacramento including the K Street Mall and will continue to do so; this includes the Dive Bar, Pizza Rock and District 30. Our establishment has seen an increase in pedestrian traffic, particularly on the weekends and the additional choices have encouraged people to venture out. Quite frankly, in the eight years we have been in business this is the first step in the right direction for the revitalization of the K Street Mall – all positives."
—Geoff & Trisha Flynn & Denise Fleming, Partners in Chops Steakhouse

"The Dive Bar, Pizza Rock, and District 30 have been a fantastic addition and a real shot in the arm to the downtown area. It is thrilling to see the number of people drawn by these exciting new venues. As General Manager of the Sheraton Grand, it is my pleasure to recommend them to our returning guests and to visitors who are traveling to Sacramento and staying downtown for the first time."
—LAWRENCE WALTERS, General Manager, Sheraton Grand Sacramento

"It has had a good impact since they opened. Before it was ghost town after 6pm. It’s the best thing that has happened to K Street. It has made it easier for us to stay open late because there is more traffic, I wish they would open more businesses like it."
—Khalid R, Hanna’s Corner

"We are thrilled with the crowds on K Street since the openings of Dive Bar, Pizza Rock and District 30! These venues have given the neighborhood a boost."
—Sid Garcia Hederger, GM Crest Theaters


Pizza Rock Sacramento restaurant pairs delicious gourmet pizzas with specialty cocktails from our full-service bar, and an extensive beer & wine menu to create the ultimate destination pizzeria and nightclub.